Learn Use of About to

In today’s lesson, I am going to teach you the use of about to in the Urdu. This is a useful English structure that we often use in our Written English and English Conversation. Most of the student makes a mistake to identify this structure in written or spoken English especially beginners because this structure looks like the proposition about that have a different meaning and function in a sentence. by adding to at the end of the about, it is made. I am going to give you its video lesson in Urdu so that you can understand and memorize the structure.    


Use of About to video lesson

Some Examples of Use of about to


  • The bus is about to arrive at the stop.
  • I was about to leave.
  • Were you about to slap here?
  • He is about to come back from the office.
  • She is about to make an announcement.
  • Are they About to start eating?
  • My brother is not about to return home.


I hope you have enjoyed our Today’s Lessons about Use of about to in the Urdu Language. We always try to give you useful information about the English Language. for lessons, bookmark this website, and keep visiting. Share it with your friend.

Here is the video lesson of Intermediate Grammar “about to” in the Urdu Language. It will make you more clear.


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