Past Indefinite Tense Use | Definition | Sentences

Learn Past indefinite Tense with Examples, Sentences, and rules in the Urdu language.


1- Past Indefinite Tense – Definition 


Past Indefinite Tense is used for a habitual and single action in the Past. we use the second form of a verb like went, ate, played, and came, etc.




(A) a single act in the past; as,

  • He stole my purse.
  • He stood first in English.


(B)  habitual action in the past; as

  • I worked (used to work) until late at night.


2- Past indefinite Tense – Rules


RULE – 1 


We always use The 2nd form of the verb  for this tense and this form  is only used for this tense; as,

I went, ate, played, etc.




“Did” Helping Verb is used only for interrogative Sentences and “did not” for negative sentences. we never use the helping verb for an affirmative sentence.




 “Past form of the verb” and “helping verb” is used with all nouns or pronoun when they come as a subject in a sentence.


3- Past Indefinite Tense – Sentences 


We can make three types of sentences; as,


(i) Affirmative 


Formula: – Sub + 2nd form + Object + full stop


The second form of the verb is used to make an affirmative sentence. This verb is used for each noun and pronoun that come as a subject in a sentence; as,



  • She went to school.
  • They went to school.
  • Ahmed went to school.



(ii) Negative (He did not go to school) –


Formula: – Sub + did not + 1st form + Object + Full Stop


After adding “did not” to the sentence, we use the first form of the verb then; as,



  • She did not go to school.
  • They did not go to school.
  • Ahmed did not go to school.



(iii) Interrogative (Did he go to school)


Formula: – Did + sub + 1st form + Object + Question mark


Adding “Did” helping verb at the beginning of the sentence, we use the first form of the verb after a subject then; as,



  • Did she go to school?
  • Did they go to school?
  • Did Ahmed go to school?

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