Past Continuous Tense – Sentences | Definition

in today’s lesson, I am going to teach you all about the past continuous tense in the Urdu language.


1- Past Continuous Tense – Definition|Rules






  • Past continuous means someone or something in the middle of an action that was going on.


  • We always use the present participle form of the verb as the main verb in a sentence.





  • We also use an auxiliary verb before the main verb according to the subject of the sentence.


  • We use two auxiliary verbs “was” and “were”. “was” is used with the first person singular “I” and other third-person singular pronouns and singular noun and “were” is used with the first person, third person plural pronouns, and plural nouns.



2- Past Continuous Tense – Sentences



1-Affirmative Sentences


  • We use the present participle form of verbs as the main verb with a helping verb.


  • If the subject of a sentence is “I”, “He”, “she”, “it” or any singular noun.


  • We use the helping verb “was”. Let’s have a look at the structure of affirmative sentences;



Formula Sub + was + V1 + ing + object.



 examples: –

  • I was waiting for the bus.
  • She was reading a storybook.
  • They were playing football.
  • Kids were watching cartoon shows.




2- Negative Sentences



 We put “not” between helping verb and present participle to make a negative sentence. View blew the negative structure


Sub + was/Were + V1 + ing + object.



 Examples: –

  • I was not waiting for the bus.
  • She was not reading a storybook.
  • They were not playing football on Friday.
  • Kids were not watching cartoon shows.




3- Interrogative Sentences


The Auxiliary verb comes at the beginning of the sentence and a question mark comes at the end of the sentence. Let’s go through the structure;



Was/Were + Sub + V1 + ing + object + question mark “?”.



 Examples: –

  • Was I waiting for the bus?
  • Was she reading a storybook?
  • Were they playing football?
  • Were Kids watching cartoon shows?


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