Kinds of Nouns – Material Noun | List

In this lesson, I am going to teach you all about the material noun in the Urdu language. Let’s start out today’s lesson.


1- Material Noun – Definition



A material noun is the name of material or substance out of which things are made. These materials can be used to make a whole thing or used as a single ingredient. The material noun a type of common noun which is always uncountable, whereas common nouns are usually countable; moreover, This noun neither takes an article nor plural form; as, gold, iron, cotton, wood, plastic, wool, tea, wheat, water, etc

(i) Wrong Use 

  • This bottle is made of glasses.
  • This plate is made of marbles.
  • These books are made of papers.
  • These sweaters are made of wool.

(ii) Correct Use 

  • This bottle is made of glass.
  • This plate is made of marble.
  • These books are made of paper.
  • These sweaters are made of wool.

2- Material Noun Categories & List


A material noun can be grouped into the following categories;

  1. Metal
  2. Products Measured in Bulk
  3. Geological Bodies
  4. Natural Phenomena
  5. Items Manufactured


(i) Metals

Iron, Brass, steel, copper, etc.

(ii) Products Measured in Bulk

Suger, milk, wheat, tea, etc.

(iii) Geological Bodies

Cement, marble, sand, rock, etc.

(iv) Natural Phenomena

Dew, cloud, rain, mist, etc.

(v)  Items Manufactured

Brick, rubber, etc.



gold, silver, brass, copper, iron, platinum, steel, cotton, wood, plastic, wool, diamond, wheat, tea, rice, milk, water, rubber, coal, paper, glass, marble, rock, sugar, rain, dew, cloud, mist, clothes, soap, calcium, fiber, silk, tan, leather, etc.

3- Material Noun – Sentences


Here some useful material nouns sentences help you memorize much better

  1. This bottle is made of glass.
  2. This plate is made of marble.
  3. These books are made of paper.
  4. These sweaters are made of wool.
  5. The cotton dress is cheap.
  6. Calcium is good for health.
  7. This is a shop for a diamond ring.
  8. I purchased a gold ring.
  9. Plastic is For ordinary use.
  10. Brass was used in the old days.
  11. Fiber is widely used in all industries.
  12. Iron is a very useful metal.
  13. This is a building of marble.
  14. She is wearing a white silk blouse and a black skirt.
  15. He is wearing tan shoes.
  16. They are wearing striped silk tie.


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