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English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning

English Vocabulary is essential while you are learning the English Language. Most of the students have a good command of English Grammar but they still cannot speak well. If words did not exist in this world, We would not describe things even in our native language. you must memorize the most commonly used words and must identify them in sentences. It means you must know about their parts of speech as well. You must know which word belongs to which parts of speech. for example “Car” is a common word but “Do you know about it part of speech”. Yes, it belongs to “Noun”. On this web page, You will not only learn words but also will learn about their parts of speech. I have included a list of the most important word that you need to memorize while learning the English Language.


english vocabulary words
English Vocabulary Words with Urdu Meaning


relations vocabulary with urdu meaning
Relations Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning
relation maternal paternal
Relations – Maternal and Paternal
relation would be
Relations – Would be


list of English Vocabulary Words



We update and add new words on this page. We recommend learning verbs with their forms first. The verb is the most important part of speech in the English Language. Learn Verb very carefully. learn how to add “s” or “es” to a verb while you make a sentence in Present indefinite tense. There are many kinds of English Verbs such as a regular verb, state verbs, action verbs, regular verbs, irregular verb, transitive verbs, intransitive verbs, phrasal verbs, and prepositional verbs. Each verb has a different function in a sentence. You will have to learn all about these things in order to learn English well. Don’t worry! just keep visiting this page, We will teach you all these things step by step.

Relation رشتہ – English Vocabulary with Urdu Meaning