What is Direct and Indirect Speech? – Urdu

In today’s lesson, I am going to Teach you Direct and Indirect speech with videos lesson in the Urdu Language.


1- Direct and Indirect Speech – Definition


 Sometimes, we use the same words which we have been heard by the speaker and proceed with them.  And sometimes we make some changes to these words. To deal with these types of situations, we always you two types of speeches. Today, you will learn all about direct and indirect speech in the Urdu language.


2- What are Direct and Indirect speeches?

I want to explain it by an example. You are standing before your house and your uncle comes and says to you “Ali, inform your mother that I will come tonight”. Now, you have two ways to proceed with this message to your mother;


  1.  uncle said to me, “I will come tonight.” – > Direct speech
  2. Uncle said to me that he would come that night. -> Indirect speech


You saw. Both speeches have the same meaning but have said in different ways. Thus always remember that we hear or take a message to tell others, we have to ways which are direct speech and indirect speech.


The Elements of Report in Direct Speech


  1. A sentence in direct speech uses double inverted commas or quotation marks (“”) to place the exact words used by the speaker.
  2. The group of words within the quotation marks is called the quote.
  3. The verb used outside the quotation marks is called the verb of speaking or reporting verb.

In the example here;

Uncle said to me that “I will come tonight.”

“I will come tonight” is the quote. It is placed within the quotation marks. This group refers to the exact words used by you. The word “said” is a reporting verb placed outside the quotation marks.


Parts of Direct Speech


A sentence in direct speech contains two parts:

  1.  reporting clause; and
  2.  the quote.

A clause is a group of words that contains a subject and a predicate and forms parts of a sentence. In indirect speech, the group of words that contains the reporting verb or the main verb is called the reporting clause.