Kinds of Nouns – What is an Abstract Noun

In today’s lesson, I am going to teach you all about the Abstract Noun in the Urdu language. Let’s start our today’s lesson.


1- Abstract Noun Definition

Nouns that we cannot see, smell, hear, or touch but can only feel is called an abstract noun. An abstract noun can be the name of a quality, idea, state, or action.  This noun is always compared with a concrete noun. Abstract nouns are often formed from adjectives as; wise – wisdom. and it can also be formed from action verbs as; act – action and discover – discovery. Most abstract nouns cannot be counted and are singular in number as; friendship, kindness, etc.

Quality: honesty, truth, bravery, kindness, wisdom.

State: Childhood, death, sickness, slavery, health.

Action:laughter, judgment, theft, hatred.


2- Abstract Noun Examples in Sentences

Let’s use abstract noun examples in Sentences. I hope it will help you understand this lesson much better.


  1. He received a badge for his bravery.
  2. The public never had faith in his ability to handle the job.
  3. A bundle of letters which had arrived for me in my absence.
  4. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of these figures.
  5. Did you see the police brutality?
  6.  Young people seeking a career in business.
  7. They want greater political freedom.
  8. He openly accused his opponents of cowardice.
  9. The country is facing great economic difficulties.
  10. There are stories about his generosity, the massive amounts of money he gave to charities.
  11. One billion people throughout the world are Muslims, united by a belief in one god.
  12. She had a happy childhood.
  13. In my youth, my ambition had been to be an inventor.
  14. According to World Bank figures, 41 percent of Brazilians live in absolute poverty.
  15. They were exhausted from lack of sleep.
  16. Reaching this agreement so quickly was a great achievement.
  17. He stopped and watched with amusement to see the child so absorbed.
  18. This is seen as a reward for the army’s loyalty during a barracks revolt earlier this month.
  19. Students apply for admission to a particular college.
  20. They face charges of committing crimes against humanity.
  21. At first, his jealousy only showed in small ways he didn’t mind me talking to other guys.
  22. Current employment laws will be changed to reward effort and punish laziness.


 3- Abstract Noun List

Here is the list of some common Abstract nouns. You should memorize it so that you can make sentences yourselves.


Ability, absence, accuracy, activity, bravery, brutality, business, civility, cowardice, difficulty, diligence, drought, durability, efficiency, folly, frankness, freedom, frugality, gallantry, gaiety, generosity, greatness, happiness, holiness, hospitality, heat, humanity, importance, inferiority, innocence, insanity, jealousy, laziness, loyalty, merriment, moisture, morality, mortality, mobility, neutrality, novelty, oneness, patience, perfection, piety, politeness, popularity, poverty, possibility, presence, priority, privacy, pride, prudence, punctuality, abode, abundance, accusation, achievement, acquaintance, addition, admission, admiration, agreement, allotment, amusement, application, appointment, approval, arrival, ascent, assurance, attention, attraction, birth, behavior, belief, belonging, bite, breakage, burial, childhood, youth, slavery, sleep, sickness, death, etc.

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