Learn English Speaking Course

I have provided you with a list of learning English speaking course in the Urdu language on this page so that you can understand what we are offering to teach here on this website. This course consists of Vocabulary, Grammar, and Spoken English. At first, you will have to learn those mentioned three things. We recommend learning some vocabulary first, and then grammar, and finally spoken English. in this way, you learn well.




Outline of English Language Course online

We have put the list in order so that you can learn the language properly. learn each section very carefully so that you can remember everything forever. You have already wasted your time to start learning right now. It is totally free of charge.

 english language course image

1- Vocabulary

Vocabulary is one of the most important parts of the Language. You cannot avoid it. If you try to ignore it, You will have nothing to do. You must memorize some commonly used words with their parts of speech. You must know which word belongs to which part of speech. I have provided a list of words that you will have to learn if you really want to be fluent.


2- Grammar

Term Grammar is used for the science of any language. It increases one’s command of the language. We can say that English Grammar is a building block of spoken English. Without having The knowledge of it, you cannot write or speak a single sentence correctly and confidently. You will learn everything in detail about English grammar here. I have given below a list related to English grammar in Urdu. start learning them all carefully.

3- Spoken English

Spoken English is an art of speaking the Language. I hope you have enough knowledge of Grammar and you have learned enough Vocabulary. now it is the turn to start learning the art of speaking the Language. in this section, we are going to provide you with 20 video lessons that will change your life. Each Vidoe consists of ten questions with their answers. everything has been taught in detail. It is easy to Understand because these videos are in the Urdu Language. don’t worry everything is free of charge so start learning by clicking the below link.


You can Watch the Complete English Language course in Urdu on dailymotion.com