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Learn Verbs with Urdu Meaning

Learn English Verbs with Urdu meaning with video lessons. learn four forms of the verb, as; present participle and present participle with Urdu meaning and explanation. You will learn each verb separately with example and sentence that let you use these word in your conversation and recognize them in the contest while reading. 1000 words are enough for your spoken English. After completing this course, you will be able to use these word in your spoken and written English.

verbs with urdu meaning
Verbs with Urdu Meaning

What should we do at first? Many students seem to ask the same question. Most of the students start learning with verb tenses, parts of speech, active voice and passive voice, direct and indirect, and so on. English vocabulary words are essential if you are a beginner. First, you need words to understand other elements of English language. I mean without words you even don’t understand the terms of English grammar. For example, if I teach you to present indefinite tense and I tell you to practice it. If you don’t have words, you cannot even make a single sentence.


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