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Learn Spoken English in Urdu Language – Video Course

Students seem to ask the same question why don’t we get improved in spoken English? The answer is quite simple. Actually, you need right guidance at first. You will have to find a professional English language Teacher who can guide you where to start your learning. If you start learning without any plan, you will end up with no result. we always recommend my students to learn vocabulary words and then basic English grammar after that you will be able to learn spoken English. I am going to make a video series of Spoken English in Urdu. I have added some videos on the page. It is a playlist. As soon as I upload a new video, the video will automatically be added to the playlist. You don’t need to do anything except sitting and enjoying videos because the new video will automatically be started after finishing the existing one.

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Spoken English Course

Features of Spoken English in Urdu Course


This course consists of 500 sentences with Urdu translation which help you understand spoken English in a natural way. Each sentence contains new words which increase your vocabulary. We have used many common verbs in each sentence. Some of them are state verbs and some are action verbs which are important for your spoken English. You will learn the art of translation into English and conversation. Each video contains 10 sentences which will be provided on daily basis. Each sentence has been included after a long consideration. All of these sentences are common and used in daily spoken English. The quality of these videos is HD and with the best presentational system which let you understand much better. The aim of this course to make a student used to speaking English with confidence.


Why is This Course Important for a beginner?


Learning spoken English requires practice. As a beginner, you must try to speak. Without speaking, you will not be able to improve yourself in spoken English. This course provides you the confidence to face your audience and talk with them. If you don’t understand what a person speaking, you will never reply. This course improves your understanding ability as well. In this course, we have used general Urdu because we use it in our real life.  An Urdu writer always uses hard Urdu to write a newspaper, book etc. This type of Urdu doesn’t help us translate English into Urdu easily.

What will happen when I complete 500 spoken English in Urdu Sentences


You will be able to speak and understand the English language. You can easily face your audience and speak confidently. Remember that it is not easy to memorize these all sentences at once. You must repeat and revise them again and again. Watch each video at least 10 time or more. You must fix a day to revise what you have learned within a week. Try to make a community online and implement what you have learned. With remembering this proverb “practice makes man perfect” carry on speaking when you get an opportunity.