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Future Indefinite Tense in Urdu/Hindi

Tenses play a major role in learning the English language. There are three tenses in English Grammar, present tense, past tense and future tense. Each tense has been divided into four tenses that we discuss in details later. In today lesson, I am going to teach you future indefinite tense in Urdu Language. There many ways to express future, but today lesson, I will just teach you future for “instant decision”.


“Actions speak louder than words” according to this proverb, I thought that I should make a video for this lesson in the Urdu language. Watch below the video and learn future tense. You will learn the usage of future for an instant decision, use of “shall” and “will” with an appropriate subject, making affirmative, negative and interrogative sentences and much more.

Future Indefinite Tense in Urdu Video

Watch the video again and again, so that you can remember it forever. without tenses, you didn’t speak well and correctly. most of the teacher says “you don’t need to learn English Grammar, tense and so on. I want to ask her that how you make a correct sentence without the knowledge of tense. I hope you have enjoyed our video lesson and learned well about future Tense. for more video keep visiting our website.

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