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Past Perfect Continuous Tense Urdu Sentences |Formula|Rules

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In today lesson, I will be teaching you Past Perfect Continuous Tense with examples and Sentences in The Urdu language. Let’s learn when to use this tense.     1- Past Perfect Continuous Tense – Definition This tense tells us about an action that began to a point of time …

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Learn Use of About to in Urdu

In today’s Lesson, I am going to teach you the use of about to in Urdu Langauge. This is a useful English structure that we often use in our Written English and English Conversation. Most of the student makes a mistake to identify this structure in written or spoken English especially beginners …

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Present Indefinite Tense Urdu – Formula | Sentences | Rules

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In today’s lesson, I am going to teach you all about the present indefinite tense in Urdu and Hindi Languages.   1- Present Indefinite Tense – Definition and Uses We mostly use the present indefinite tense for repeated actions. Repeated action means things we often do. We also use this tenses …

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Future Indefinite Tense Urdu – Rules | Sentences | Structure

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I hope you enjoyed our last lesson. In today’s lesson, I am going to teach you all about future indefinite tense. In the previous lesson, you have learned about how we can make an affirmative, negative and interrogative Sentence in that tense. Let’s start our today’s lesson. Before starting the lesson, …

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