Learn Basic English Grammar in Urdu

I think no! You need to learn at least Basic English Grammar in Urdu. Grammar is the general term for the science of the language. It deals mainly with the changes made in the form of words and the way in which they are arranged in a sentence. It serves to improve one’s command of a language. In the view of this definition, you have to learn English grammar to improve your English. You need to know about each part of speech that makes the English language complete. Without the knowledge of verb tense, you cannot make a single sentence correct.


basic english grammar in urdu


I share my personal experience that I tried my best to learn English without grammar. If you are able to move an English speaking country, maybe it is possible to learn English without grammar. Living in Pakistan and India there is no English speaking environment, you will never be able to learn the English language without grammar. You have to learn grammar and commonly used words before you start learning spoken English.


As you know that I teach English step by step. I have already released my first course its title is 1ooo action verb with Urdu meaning. My second course is about English grammar. I will make different courses accounting for needs and wants and expectations of students who really want to learn the English language.


What am I going to learn in this course?

You will learn parts of speech, verb tenses, active voice and passive voice, direct and indirect, clauses, idioms, proverbs, and so on. It will be a complete course that you have ever seen. I will do my best to make this course complete. There are a lot of courses and books available on the internet, but most of them are not complete.


What ability will I gain after completing this course?

  • You will be able to qualify for learning spoken English
  • You will be able to pass any type of grammar exam such as (9th, 10th, BA, BCom etc)
  • You will be able to teach Basic English Grammar in the Urdu Language



Basic English Grammar in Urdu – Demo Video Lesson